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A log cabin, your own private island and real closeness to nature – are you ready for this experience? The beautiful and quiet island is the perfect place to spend an ecological holiday in the middle of nature. There are no other cabins on the private island. The lights and refrigerator work with solar panels, and the sauna near the beach is heated with wood. The cottage has no electricity or heating, but the wood stove provides warmth and the fireplace provides atmosphere. The rent includes firewood. Bed linen, towels and final cleaning can be ordered separately.


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The 40 m2 log cabin in Jykevä has a kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms and a loft. There is no shower, but the day’s dust can be cleaned in a great beach sauna. Firewood and 2 rowing boats are included in the rent.


The cottage has 2 bedrooms. One has a 140 cm wide double bed and the other a 160 cm wide double bed.
The loft can accommodate 1-2 people.
If you need bed linen and towels, you can rent them separately for 10 e/person/visit.



There is an ecological, composting outdoor toilet in the yard of the cottage. The wood-heated log sauna on the beach gives nice, soft baths. There is no shower in the sauna or the cabin. The water in the sauna is heated in a separate cauldron. Washing takes place in the sauna traditionally with water mixed in a bowl. Sand has been added to the bottom of the lake in front of the beach sauna, so it’s nice to take a dip.



If you want to fish and you are 18-64 years old, you must pay the state fishery maintenance fee. Example prices: 6 e/1 day, 15 e/7 days. The most convenient way to make the payment is  in the Eräluvat online store . If you wish, you can also rent a silent electric outboard motor for the boat from us for a daily price of 15 euros.



Linen and towels, if needed, 10 e/person/visit.
Final cleaning, if desired, 90 e.


The cottage has a modest kitchen with a wood stove and dishes for six. You can also cook with the summer kitchen’s gas stove. The cabin comes with running water from the lake, which is suitable for washing dishes. You can get drinking water from a well on the mainland side near the parking lot. Please note that the solar-powered refrigerator is small and can only hold a small amount of food and drink at a time. That’s why it’s good to have dry food and camping food with you.



The terrain and landscape is forested and rugged. We have wanted to keep the place as natural as possible. The lake is naturally dark water and great for both swimming and fishing. With rowing boats, you can go to peaceful Lake Niemijärvi. If you wish, we will deliver you a boating vest – let us know the sizes you need in advance.



Pets are welcome at this cottage! Please let us know about furry friends when making a reservation. Before you leave, remember to clean animal hair from the cabin and furniture and clean the yard of waste. Take care that pets do not cause damage. You are responsible for damages both in the cabin and around the cabin.


You can order final cleaning in advance or during your vacation. The price of the final cleaning is €60. If you do the cleaning yourself, the cabin has the necessary cleaning tools and substances. Only clean on the day of departure!

If you order final cleaning, do the following:
• wash the dishes and put them away
• take the rubbish to the waste disposal point
• collect the bottles and cans in a bag
• move the furniture to its place
• leave the bed linen in a pile on the bed
• remove the food you brought with you
• if you have pets with you, clean the fur and clean up the mess

If you do the final cleaning yourself, in addition to the previous ones, do the following:
• shake/tamp the carpets outside
• wipe the floors with a damp mop
• wipe the tables and counters with a
damp cloth • air out the bedding outside
• wash the toilet and sauna
• take the rubbish to the waste collection point


The drive from Tampere to the cottage is less than an hour and from Jyväskylä 1.5 hours. To get to the cottage, you need a car. There is a parking lot for 2 cars on the shore of the lake and it is about 400 meters from the beach to the island. There are 2 rowing boats on the beach, with which you can row to the island in 5-10 minutes.


We recommend that you bring outdoor shoes, warm and rainproof clothing suitable for cabin life and rubber boots to the cabin. The phone works to a limited extent and can be charged from a 12V car charger plug. Bring your own car charger.

If you prefer a cottage with more amenities, check out our upscale  Kiiltäväinen villa , our beautiful  Minttu cottage  or our other properties.

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