Family Business

Family Business

Our farm has been in the same family since 1697. The last generational change on the farm took place in 2002, when the 14th host couple Mikko and Eija took over the farm.

The history of farm tourism dates back to the 1930s, when the farm received summer visitors from Helsinki. They were given food nicely in the hall, same where the household ate, in the large main building of the farm and the children had their own table setting in the kitchen of the home.

In the 1950s, the farm served as a summer colony, at which time the house was completely emptied of all furniture. At best, there were a total of 70 children. With them there was also a labor force to protect them. The house’s own people and workers lived here and there around the farm’s buildings and ate in the summer kitchen built in the barn. From 1973 to 1987, hostess Raija and host Jyrki, together with the previous pair of hosts, hosted food groups. During the first years, there were as many as 2,000 visitors in the summer.

In the yard of the farm there is a large stone barn, that was built in 1903. At that time, the barn had always cows until 1974. Pig farming began in the 1960s and lasted until 1999.

The current production directions of the farm are forestry and cottage tourism.

Anttila's next generation is represented by Eija's and Mikko's children, Veera, Jenny and Katri and Eero, who are for sure seen often in the yard of the house.

The farm has 6 of its own holiday cottages, the newest of which is in use all year round. In addition, we manage cottages owned by others, there are a total of 11 cottages for rent.

Hereford cattle roam the farm. Cattle graze on the farm in summer and moves 40km away during winter. The green meadows are suitable for grazing and the farm's fields have been in active use in the recent years.

Our goal is to be kept viable, and renovation investments are constantly underway. We are happy to have guests on our farm and do our best to make our guests feel comfortable at our house.

Welcome to Salkolahti, Anttila's space. Feel free to ask if you are puzzled by any thing.


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